What is the Pilot Club?

The river boat pilots of the early 1900's are the inspiration for the name. These pilots were admired for their ability to steer a "true course" through challenging conditions and obstacles. And so it is with today's Pilot Club. Pilot International is a worldwide network of volunteers who take an active part in helping our communities become a better place to live... today and tomorrow.

Do you care about your community and the people within it that might be living with brain-related disorders? Do you desire to work along-side like-minded women to positively impact your neighbors and their families? Would you like to network with other women, making personal and professional friends? Do you wish you could find a way to use your talents to help other people? If these are the desires of your heart, then the Pilot Club of Cullman might be right for you.

Pilot membership provides an opportunity to:

  • develop personal friendships and gain valuable leadership skills
  • help people through community service at home and worldwide
  • attend district and international conventions and workshops
  • learn more about the community and its needs especially in the area of brain-related disorders and safety concerns
  • work with youth through sponsoring an Anchor Club
  • network with people who share similar interests
  • make a difference in the lives of local people

Can anyone become a Pilot member?

Yes, the Pilot Club of Cullman welcomes anyone who is dedicated to the work of making their community better. Sponsorship by a present Pilot in good standing is required.

How much time is involved in Pilot membership?

Every Pilot member's level of commitment varies depending on their individual situation. Some members are full-time working mothers while others are retired. Some people have more available time than others. While membership should never be taken lightly, each member must determine when and how much time they can devote to club projects. One Pilot may be able to work many hours with the Margaret Jean Jones Center or the annual Fashion Show/Luncheon while another may offer more behind-the-scenes support with computer work, phone calls, and emails. Everyone's contributions are needed and appreciated.

Is Pilot membership expensive?

Not at all, active membership dues run $50 per quarter - that's $200 per year. This includes a beautiful meal from the All Steak Restaurant at every monthly meeting.

How do I go about becoming a member?

Contact a present Pilot member or contact the local membership chairman at to request an invitation to be a guest at the next Pilot Club meeting. This will give you an opportunity to meet other Pilots and for them to meet you as well. You'll have time to ask questions and learn more about what your membership will mean. A written application for membership is required before a candidate can be presented to the Pilot board and general membership for approval. We look forward to hearing from YOU!